Why choose Hystreet?

Hystreet is a revolutionary new product unlike any other that has been featured in leading industry publications such as Estate Agent Today, Property Industry Eye, Estate Agent Networking, and The Negotiator. Hystreet allows high street agents to offer an online service that not only competes with, but superceeds the capabilities of leading online estate agents.

If you are an estate agent losing instructions to online agents, or simply want to take your business to the next level, then book an online demo to see what Hystreet can do for you.

See it working today and stop losing online instructions

Keep your own fees

We take no cut, fee, or percentage from whatever you decide to charge your customers – your fee is yours to keep. We do not dictate any fees at all, and you can charge as much or as little as you desire in order to remain competitive and compete with your industry competition.

The fees you charge to your customers using Hystreet go straight through to you – including any add-on fees you want to charge. We don’t hold on to them in any way, as it’s a direct agreement between yourselves and your card payment provider.

If your customers don’t sell through the online service, or don’t have the time to manage their own sale, you can upgrade them to your full, traditional service. You can get two bites of the cherry, and two chances to sell your property.

Compete with online agents

Hystreet gives you a direct competition to online agencies. In addition to the lower cost and online system, you have the ability to provide your customers with the strength of an authoritative, local brand. Whether you use your existing high street brand, or your own new online brand, you retain full control over your brand, and can ensure users feel that they are getting the local expertise they want when it comes to selling their home.

What our clients say

  • As a hybrid agency, our technology is crucial to our business. Hystreet supports us in everything we do, saving us time and money by automating key processes and giving agents, vendors, and buyers more control where they need it.

    - Alex Ferguson, Area Manager at Moovyn

  • With online agents taking more and more instructions in our town, Hystreet provided exactly what we needed to fight back with a fully 24/7 service. It was really easy to integrate into our existing set up and our staff got to grips with it right away.

    - Chris Griffiths, Branch Manager at AP Morgan